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The Pre-Beginner Spanish Course

Kelly McLarnan
7 Students enrolled
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This course is perfect for the pre-beginner Spanish student, or for the expat living abroad who needs to take the first steps to begin speaking.

We will cover basic concepts such as gender and number with nouns, articles, and adjectives, as well as concentrate on learning the 300 most important words in the language! Rather than delve deeply into the grammar of Spanish, you will learn the most important words, and work to put them together into easy, yet important sentences!

In this course you will:

  • Learn pronunciation basics
  • Learn to LISTEN in Spanish
  • Learn the most important question words and phrases
  • Learn to introduce yourself
  • Greet others cordially
  • Say goodbye
  • Talk about the weather
  • Learn to order in a Restaurant
  • Numbers from 1-1000 +
  • Relative time words for actual commucation
  • The top 21 most important words in the language

The Coursework Includes:

  • 50 interactive activities
  • 12 instructional slideshows
  • 4 quizzes
  • 12 self-graded pronunciation practices
  • Many downloadable ppt. presentations and reference materials

What You Will Need

  1. In order to make the course easier, you will need to make a few setup arrangements before you begin. Since typing in Spanish requires the use of accent marks, additional punctuation, and a few different letters, it is a good idea to set up the Spanish International Sort or Spain keyboard on your computer right away.
  2. Enable Google Chrome browser. In order to earn points and practice Spanish pronunciation, you will also need to enable Chrome. The pronunciation exercises are graded at about 80% accuracy for overall words, but Chrome is necessary for proper functionality of this important feature of the program.
  3. Allow this site access to your microphone and system speakers or headphones.
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Course details
Duration 4 weeks
Lectures 8
Video 12 hours
Assignments 2
Quizzes 2
Level Beginner
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV