Yoga Mini-Course en Español

Yoga en Español!

What better combination is there?

Many students are kinesthetic learners, and learn best through movement! This course, originally designed for English-speaking yoga instructors who wanted to learn the basics of yoga practice in Spanish is a great option for upper beginner–early intermediate students of Spanish!

Covered in this course are:

  • body parts
  • yoga specific verbs
  • how to understand and use the various forms (usted, ustedes, nosotros/as)
  • phrases of orientation
  • basic yoga poses
  • a little review of ser and estar

What’s included:

  • an extensive downloadable master vocabulary list
  • 10 hours of instruction with audio
  • interactive self-graded activities, including speaking exercises!
  • check for understanding quizzes
  • cute monsters doing yoga!
  • word finds and other manipulative style activities
  • flashcards for memory
  • succinct explanations for  grammatical concepts confusing to beginners
  • lots of go-to phrases for when you “get stuck”

To Prepare for the course, you must enable Google Chrome as your browser and allow access to your microphone when using this website!

It is also a good idea to download and or print a pdf. of the master vocabulary list for your reference throughout these lessons. Vocabulary is extensive, and before it can be processed, students must memorize the words!

This course pairs extremely well with:

This course pairs well will Spanish courses 1.02 and 2.01 for beginners, and is a great compliment to Medical Spanish 2.50 intermediate Spanish.




Yoga 1: Las Partes del Cuerpo
45 minutes--1 hour
Yoga Verbs for Giving Instruction
45 minutes--1 hour
Orientation and Directional Words for Movement
45 minutes--1 hour
Más Práctica con los Términos de Yoga
Yoga: Week 1 Review
9 questions

Las Posturas

Using the Inclusive Nosotros/as Form for Group Classes
45 minutes--1 hour
  • Students will be able to use the nosotros/as forms for yoga instruction.
  • They will learn the present tense simple form, ir a infinitive for transitioning between postures, and they will be introduced to the present progressive for describing actions take place in the present moment.
  • They will learn the 3 applications of estar and how they apply to movement courses to describe orientation, moods, and form the present progressive tense.
  • Students will continue to practice ordering sentences, forming verbs to suit specific meanings, practicing phrases of orientation, and speaking.
The Present Progressive and Present Participle
45 minutes--1 hour

Students will learn to use the present progressive tense.

Students will learn to add more information to existing phrases with the present participle to describe how an action must be completed.

They will continue to practice ordering sentences and speaking.

Las Posturas
45 minutes--1 hour

Students will learn basic yoga postures. They will practices putting together all information to explain the transition between one position and another.

Using Your Words to Describe Movement
Final Project: 20 minute yoga class in Spanish

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