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We cover a weekly topic for beginners–intermediate students. Topics generally deal with a point of confusion and everyday life stuff! This weekly course is lighthearted, informal, free and even fun!

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Meanings of Llevar–Quick Reference
45 minutes

Students will be introduced to many of the meanings of llevar. They will practice using them.

MD 3.05 Conversation: Expressing Symptoms with Estar
Ser and Estar: Let’s Fix it Once and For All!
30 minutes
Ser, Estar, Llevar, Tomar, and More Vocabulary Review
How to Improve Conversation with Less Conjugation
45 minutes

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce students to all the ways the infinitive can be used to create more in-depth sentences! Of course they have learned to conjugate, however, it is important to know that conjugating every verb in Spanish is not necessary.

These are the objectives:

  • Infinitives as part of Modal/Auxiliary Verb Structures
  • Infinitives in General Statements to Express Opinions
  • Infinitives as Objects of Prepositions
  • Infinitives for Giving General Instruction
Expressions with Tener

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