Medical Spanish 101

About this Course

For Practitioners and Patients

This course has been designed for practitioners, medical staff, and patients. The course covers basic to advanced medical vocabulary, and puts it into context as real life conversations are presented. The course takes you through the waiting room, triage, a basic medical consultation, diagnosis, giving advice, making recommendations, and discussing psychological concerns.

The course is not only meant for practitioners, but would be a benefit to expats living in a Spanish speaking world in which they deal with issues of health, both for themselves and within their communities.

Some grammatical understanding is recommended for this course, however, the beginner basics are re-emphasized and additional lessons have been provided as a refresher for students who may need a review.




In the Waiting Room

Basic questions: Filling out Medical Forms
A Few Go-to Phrases to help you create basic sentences
45 minutes

You will learn basic consultation and registration questions in Spanish.

You will be able to recognize questions and speak them with 80% accuracy in Spanish.

Expressing Symptoms

Vocabulary: Using Estar to Describe Conditions and Moods
Practice: Conversation Expressing Symptoms with Tener
The Body: Expressing Symptoms with Tener
Conversation Practice: Practice with Body and Tener
Expressing Symptoms with Estar and Tener
Medical Conversation Recording
Tener to Describe Sensations and Feelings

Flip Verbs

Diagnosis and Giving Medical Advice

Introduction to the Subjunctive
Sentence Formation and Giving Medical Advice with the Subjunctive

En la Farmacia

Psychological Consultation and Discussing Feelings and State of Mind

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