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Paradise Isn’t Always Perfect

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When you dream of living in a tropical paradise, you might not imagine the inconveniences of daily life. But they exist!
Unexpected complications are part of foreign living. Sometimes there are delays, unexpected inconveniences, bank annoyances, residency issues. This course was designed for the intermediate student dealing with the imperfections of paradise.

En Este Curso:

Vocabulario de:

  • Filing a police report, reporting a crime
  • Going to the clinic, expressing pains and symptoms
  • The bank
  • Inconvenientes típicos: mal tiempo, retrasos, sucesos no esperados
  • Immigration and red tape
  • Typical inconveniences: bad weather, delays, unexpected events

Grammar points:

  • Definite articles with body parts, expressing pain
  • Direct and Indirect Object Review
  • Passive voice with fue/fueron + past participle
  • Subjunctive review and giving advice
  • Passive reflexive constructions
  • Hace/hacía + time expressions to express ‘how long ago’ something occurred/had occurred.

Verb tenses:

  • Preterit, imperfect, pluperfect, and the imperfect of the subjunctive (past subjunctive),
  • Conditional and conditional perfect Tenses
  • Progressive tenses
  • Perfect tenses
  • If-then statements
  • Overall view of verb concordance
Poner una Denuncia and The Preterit Tense