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Medical Spanish 2.50

Kelly McLarnan
2 Students enrolled
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This course was designed with the needs of both medical practitioners and patients in mind. It is an interactive course that can be taken solely as an on-line practice, or students may choose to enroll in our live weekly sessions to discuss material, practice, and work through situations in a live on-line format.

The course is upper beginner or lower intermediate in level and requires some preliminary knowledge of Spanish.

If you are interested in taking the preliminary workshop, click here.

What’s Covered in Medical Spanish 2.50?

The basics of the waiting room, patient intake, asking questions and vocabulary for body and expressing symptoms and pain are central to Medical Spanish 2.05.

After completing this course, students will be able to ask and answer questions regarding symptoms, conditions, fill out forms, and discuss prescriptions and solutions.

Preliminary Knowledge Required:

Upper beginner level of Spanish is highly recommended before taking this course. Even though a preliminary section has been provided for pre-study, basic information of Spanish is important.

  • present tense regular verb conjugation
  • basic sentence structure (gender of adjectives and nouns)
  • question words and phrases
  • body parts
  • how to use flip verbs like gustar and indirect object pronouns
  • basic pronunciation
  • understanding of the difference between ser/estar/haber