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I'm Kelly, creator of the Language Loft of Roatan and the courses you see on this website. I've been teaching Spanish for 25 years, and studying it for much longer. Please take a look at some of my courses and try a freebie. This online system mirrors the coursework of my classes provided to students of all ages in Honduras. For the first time, we will be offering on-line courses and allowing others to use our hands-on, interactive curriculum.

Stay tuned for future courses with weekly Zoom lessons, and updates! Students can gain annual access without additional grading, or they can add on weekly online sessions for accelerated learning! We provide great options for online homeschool learners and English-speaking youth and adults making the move abroad!

Teacher Courses

Intermediate Spanish
20 Lectures
Intermediate Spanish
59 Lectures
Beginner Spanish
35 Lectures
9 weeks, 1 school quarter